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With the help of Timespex, you can work more efficiently and earn up to 40 % more income. Sign up for free and employ your time.

Manage your service time easily

Active registration 24/7

You work around the clock in the app! Customers tend to make reservations outside of business hours.

Customer management

Manage all clients in one calendar. If the client does not have Timespex - add it in just a few clicks.

Automated reminders

Allow yourself not to think about the upcoming visits. Customers will be informed about arrival up to 3 times!

Suteikite savo laikui vertę

You will be surprised, but the lower price of the service can bring you more income. Create flexible pricing and let your customer choose.

  • Sell your prime time for more.
  • Fill the empty hours by creating a promotion time.
  • Do you have free services? Get more leads!

Darbuotojas - Jūsų verslo partneris

Motivate your employees and let them earn more by working on weekends or after hours.

Let employees become part of your business - give them the opportunity to share their free time on social networks.

Uždirbkite daugiau. Dalinkitės savo laiku

Are you a sports coach, driving instructor or beauty specialist? Or are you self-employed in any other service area?

Sell your free time to other businesses and fill your work schedule 100% and earn more. Go independent - offer your business the ability to provide a wider range of services to your customers without employing staff.

Pažinkite savo verslą iš arčiau

Grow, release business opportunities and understand that your business can do more! Get detailed information about your business. Bookings, revenue, unique and new customer reports.

Reviews of Timespex

An extremely convenient tool for planning work time. The management is simple and clear, it is easy to contact each registered customer. There is no need to fill in the workbook by hand and cross off students who have withdrawn. After each cancellation, when a free place appears, it is immediately reserved by another student, so I practically never have "windows" and free places during the day.

Saulius GabrysDriving instructor

When I learned about TimeSpex for the first time, I had doubts about how it would be necessary to communicate with the instructor through the application. Turns out it's easier than I expected. In the search, I don't have to look for the contacts of the instructor I need for a long time, which is especially relevant if I am late or have any other problems. It is very convenient to reserve a time slot, because I can do it at any time, I can see all the free times.

Julija AntonovaClient

The app is my working time manager, which solved such problems as frequent absences of clients, misunderstandings during registration, no more unnecessary calls for visits or their replacement. TimeSpex helps you manage your team's work availability, to add new clients and distribute client flows. I am very happy because TimeSpex helped me to adjust my working time and availability.

Toma GustienėOwner of the beauty and aesthetics studio "BeYoutiful"

It's been a long time since people needed something as simple as this app, when you can book a time anywhere after work at any time, especially for me, because I don't finish work until 19:00. Then no one is working anymore and it is impossible to call and register.

Anastasija VaidilėClient

Išbandykite Timespex visiškai nemokamai

  • Ability to apply "smart" pricing and earn more
  • Business management tools - reports, statistics, AI solutions
  • Ability to administer an unlimited number of businesses and services
  • An easier path to market entry for a new service provider
  • Automated reminders for clients
  • Full filling of the work schedule

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