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Frequently asked questions

What is Timespex?

It is a unique work tool that allows you to earn more and add more value to your working time. With the help of Timespex, work becomes more efficient, and the increase in income can reach up to 40%.

Is Timespex free?

For those who only work with their individual schedule, the app is free. For companies that want to manage the schedules (calendars) of several employees or workplaces, Timespex Grow price is 35€ for each additional independent (separate) calendar.

What do businesses get for their monthly fee?

Companies using Timespex Grow version not only get detailed information about their business (reservations, income, unique and new customers, campaign performance reports), but also all the functionalities that will help to easily administer and monitor the activities of employees, tools that allow for easy integration of a new employee.

Is Timespex only a mobile app?

Yes, Timespex currently has a mobile application. You can download it: For Apple phones, For Android phones.

How do I become a member of Timespex?

If you are a freelancer, just download the app and register with a social media account or email. Once your business and services are created, you can start using Timespex immediately.

If you are a business representative - please fill out the contact form above, or by email and we will contact you as soon as possible regarding Timespex Grow version.

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